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Friday, 6 June 2014

Saron, Llandysul

Going out at just after 4am to empty my trap the weather was mild, humid and very still so I was optimistic. However, just 13 species and 53 moths with 27 being Silver-ground Carpet. Seeing hundreds of the latter in our 20 plus acres of hay fields. Last week much better with 42 species but only 4 Silver-ground Carpet (despite latter being abundant in hay meadows for a couple of weeks) .  All usual species for this time of year but please can someone ID the one in the picture as it is well worn. I think it is a White-pinnion Spotted which I haven't caught here before but seems to be common/widespread in this area.

I have just received a copy of the newly published 'A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland' by Paul Brook. Said to be the most complete guide to insects ever published, I found the section of moths disappointing with many species omitted. However, the other sections will be useful - particularly for an amateur like me who just wants to be able to put a name to the insects I come across.  Good photographs and brief descriptions of a diverse selection - certainly more than I have come across in other guides.


  1. Yes, a White-pinion Spotted; not to be confused with a White-spotted Pinion (very rare in Wales, but a worryingly frequent typo!).

  2. Hi Sally, A lot of Collins Guides describe themselves as "the most comprehensive guide". Perhaps this tortology is a warning: it's either comprehensive or not!