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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Salty Disappointments and Garden Colour

I put out three actinics last night (2/6) on the saltmarshes at Llangennech, an area I`d hoped to trap at on Sunday night (see my previous blog for a site photo). I`d realised that I was perhaps `a tad early` for some of the classic saltmarsh species, but optimistic nevertheless. Two traps were in upper saltmarsh habitat, with the third on a small shingly area, backed by deciduous scrub. Numbers in the traps were not high, with the only saltmarsh moth being two dog`s-tooths in one trap next to an area of reedbed and carr, and where I was entertained by singing reed warblers and a distant Cetti`s warbler. The only other moth of interest was a small clouded brindle, which -coincidentally- I`d read about the previous night on the Ceredigion moth blog!
At the reedbed-edge trap, the midges were terrible (the white bucket-type trap was absolutely covered!). I was constantly trying to hit them off my head and, luckily no-one was (sensibly) around at c 4.30am, otherwise they would have reported a lunatic out on the marsh, having a fight with himself!

                          Above: dog`s-tooth - note teeth-shaped markings at the rear of the wing.

               Above: small clouded brindle, a species of freshwater marshes (which back onto the trap site).

Also, talking of the `marbled minor gang`, is the following photo a middle-barred minor? It looks particularly orange. Caught at Llangennech.

Back at the Tyrwaun home trap, there was the usual seasonal selection of moths (in reduced numbers from the last trap), including a nicely-coloured green arches, an eyed hawk-moth and a FFY lime hawk-moth (which probably feeds on elms locally).

                                          Above: green arches, Tyrwaun.
                                         Above: keeping an eye (or two) on you!
                                         Above: lime hawk-moth.


  1. Your weather prediction was right Ian, no rain here either. I could have trapped but needed a good night's sleep, may try tonight though. A nice selection of pretty moths you have there!

  2. I think I`ll have a good `kip` tonight Chris....I was up at just after 4.00am and did n`t get settled down again after sorting out the traps, travelling etc, until 7.00am. Then daytime tasks.
    You`ll be able to hear me snoring in North Carmarthenshire!

  3. On the subject of Lime Hawk, Frank and Theresa Greenaway found one on their farm at Felingwmuchaf a few days ago: an excellent record for mid carms

  4. Just seen the weather forecast.....warm air from the Med at end of week - migrants?

  5. As for midges Ian, Avon skin so soft, nothing better!

  6. Thanks Paul!....wrinkle-free skin and midge-free! Brilliant!