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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Another weekend without trapping (hoping to do that this coming weekend) but made up for it by going for a daytime wander around Salem Common - a rather small patch of rhos pasture which is subject to annual burning. I had seen marsh fritillary caterpillars there before it was burnt so went back to see whether any had survived to adulthood. I was pleased to see a minimum of 7 adults on the wing, including this one:

Also seen whilst I was there: large skipper, clouded border, common wave, silver-ground carpet, Cinnabar, Crambus pascuella, Micropterix aruncella and Bactra lanceolana. The undoubted highlight for me however was this forester - a first for me (which might account for the frustratingly blurry photo!)

In my parents hay meadows on the same day were silver Ys, Celypha lacunana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Adela rufimitrella, middle-barred minor, garden carpet, small tortoiseshell, painted lady and lots of green-veined whites as well as small and brown china-marks in the pond.


  1. Excellent Vaughn!...the forester is a nice record. Years ago - as with marsh fritillary - I would chance upon new sites, but I have n`t seen either for years. I know of marsh frit sites where I could see them of course, but the last week or so, I`ve been looking at potential frit sites without any luck. If the weather is suitable, I`ll be off to the Drefach area (the Gwendraeth Valley Drefach) to search this pm. Look out for chimney sweepers on any surviving more neutral unimproved little black butterflies.

  2. Thanks Ian. Chimney sweeper is another I've never seen. Any potential sites you could recommend?

  3. Try to find any neutral grassland areas with pignut eg around Taliaris....etc. good luck!