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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Quantity not quality last night

I`d carefully checked the weather forecast last night (Fri, 6th June) and the predicted thunder and heavy rain was supposed to hit the Llanelli area at c 4.30am or so. I awoke early and checked the traps with a torch at about 3.30am. There were a lot of moths around (as there was the previous evening after about 15mins` trapping at 10.45pm), including a lime hawk-moth and really high numbers of small seraphims (x22), white pinion-spotted (x15) and pale tussocks (x12) all around and outside the traps. I then took the traps into the shed, blocked off the exit holes and went back to bed. It was `picking` with rain as I finished and soon afterwards, the heavier rain started, with the `crash, bang and wallops` of a proper storm....and I then  fell asleep.
There were no migrants amongst the catch of  35+ spp, but some FFYs such as rivulet, beautiful golden y, miller and sandy carpet. I still have some micros to look at. A bit disappointing really, but that`s mothing for you.

                          Above: oak hook-tip, one of the moths caught at Tyrwaun, Pwll last night.
                                          Above: beautiful golden y.
                                          Above: a miller, also at Tyrwaun.

Over at Betws, Ammanford, Steve Lucas reports a double line, scalloped hook-tip and a red-necked footman in his home trap on Friday night.

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