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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mynydd Sylen

I went to check out some old pastures that once held fritillaries this afternoon, but (as expected) the habitat is now unsuitable, being either `improved` or too scrubby. As further survey work at that site was not needed, I instead went for a walk north of Ffarm-fach (SN505067 etc) on the SW edge of Mynydd Sylen, a site I`d last visited in 1981. Then, it was occupied by an elderly lady and was a classic Welsh longhouse-type structure and the name (=`small farm`) obviously referred to its small acreage, it being an old `assart` encroachment of the once larger, and now totally enclosed, commonland of Mynydd Sylen.
The now modernised and much enlarged farmhouse has a public footpath skirting it and, as in 1981, I followed it in an approximately northern direction.
I was pleased to find some unimproved meadows with plants such as yellow rattle and pignut....good plants for moths such as grass rivulet and chimney sweeper respectively, so I will probably return.

Above: one of several unimproved fields N of Ffarm-fach

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following `yellow-flowered shrubs` in the hedgerows....
....yes, Laburnums! I did n`t realise that it had been used so far south-east in Carmarthenshire, though the past land-use (enclosure of former upland common) mirrors that in N Carms and Ceredigion. I must remember to check their leaves for leaf-mines later in the year...

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  1. Shake the laburnum now and you might disturb clouds of tiny white Leucoptera laburnella.