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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Moths at Saron

I have found a few Mullein caterpillars on our Mullein plants - see photo below.
We encourage the latter specifically for the former but never get more than a few plants. Some years they are covered in the caterpillars but other years, like this year, there are just a few with some plants having none yet.  I see they come to light but I have never caught the moth. So, a question, do I record this moth as it is clearly here, even though I have not actually caught and seen one here?

Walking back through our woods this am I disturbed a Beautiful Snout. I have never caught or seen this one before here. We do have lots of bilberry in the woods. I do not take a camera around I'm afraid so there is no photo.

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  1. I'm very happy to receive larva records, but please just put "larvae" or "20 larvae" or something like that in place of a count - that way I can work out flight dates without things getting too confused. The important thing is to get a record of the species.