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Sunday, 29 June 2014

More Photos of Yesterday's Plume

Just in case they show more features to aid identification.  The colour seems about right for Stenoptilia pterodactyla but I can't see much sign of two dark spots at the base of the forewing cleft.  Any advice would be gratefully accepted!  In the meantime I'll look for more examples with a view to getting better photographs.
Correction, perhaps there is at least one dark spot visible in the top photograph!


  1. Looks like a dead cert Brown Plume to me, Chris - but you know how duff I am at micros!

  2. It looks like S. pterodactyla to me, but Sam is away at to wait perhaps.

  3. I'm afraid pterodactyla is plainer coloured and the spots at the wing cleft are much more prominent. I suspect this is pallidactyla though will check fully at home.

    1. Thank you Sam, pallidactyla looks a good bet from the book illustration. It will do fine, I'm not fussy!

  4. Plumes are surprisingly tricky! I'm glad we've solved this one anyway