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Friday, 13 June 2014

Moonlight Becomes Them

I refer to the Ermine Moths, White and Buff, which have dominated the last two (moonlit) nights' trapping. Very few other moths have entered the traps, MV or Actinic, although it was nice to see the first Double Dart this morning.

Other not-so-notable contents of the traps have been Pale-shouldered Brocade (3), one each of Heart and Dart, Flame, Silver-ground Carpet (plenty in the garden during the day, too), and three micros.  One I think is Agapeta hamana, and the 'grass moth' may be Chrysoteuchia culmella:

The third is quite distinctive, with a golden head and thorax, but I'm struggling to put a name to it.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Lastly, I saw what I assume to be Cauchas fibulella in the garden this morning.  The photo is not my best effort, I'm afraid, but I'm posting it regardless.

P.S.  Perhaps I should have called it Adela fibulella, but I took the name from the Field Guide.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Those all look fine to me.

    The orange tortricid is Lathronympha strigana.


  2. Thank you George, a great help as usual. I don't know why I didn't latch on to L.strigana, the book illustration's a good indication and there's St John's Wort in the garden.

  3. A couple of nice micro records there, Chris - well done!