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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Many of you may wonder why a Brecs. mother is contributing to a Carms. group. I am a Shir Gar man and boy to begin with, and my interest in birds and then moths began back in the the 50's and has continued ever since. In fact, I can make make a claim that no one will stand and see a Red Kite at this spot ever again, which was in 1963, as it was then drowned in 1976 to become Llyn Brianne.
 Secondly I spent most of my working life in the Fire Service and served in Carmarthenshire with last 15 years in Llanelli, living in Llangennech. I also feel more akin to Carmarthen than Brecon.

But mainly we do not have a web-site and blog and I have found and excellent site and very informative. I contribute  a great deal to a Welsh web-site and provide Id's for the moths.

My main area of recording has been the SN94 area and as well as partaking in the GMS scheme, I have been running for the last 7 years between May and  October at 9 various sites a project for what is now NRW.

Unfortunately, its been discovered that I have a terminal illness, and it seems that I will have to cut out several projects. This season I stopped ringing Kites,Dippers, and Barn Owls and just the accessible nestbox pullii.

Moth wise I will only trap on suitable nights at ad hoc sites and as I feel that day.  So, hopefully I can contribute some small part to your site, what interests me now is with climate change speeding up, can a trend be seen in the northward spread of moths through the Towy valley up into the Epynt area and will elevation be a barrier to their spread


  1. Welcome, Bryan. I'm sure that any contributions you make to this site will be very much appreciated. And any help at identification of the more difficult species will be most helpful to those of us with less experience of Carmarthenshire moths, or moths in general.

  2. Yes, Bryan you are certainly a valued member of the group, even if you trap infrequently in Carms - you`ve got access to the under-recorded NE. Given your illness, just trap when you feel like it of course...I hope that things are n`t too difficult for you.
    I remember going up to see the Llyn Brianne dam being built - but as a young schoolboy, I was more interested in seeing kites. I remember curlews in many hay pastures around Rhandirmwyn in the mid-late 1960s and another early memory was seeing a Royal Navy Phantom jet (they`d just had delivery) flying extremely low overhead.

  3. I had to finish the above comment quickly to make an appointment....if you want to write an article Bryan - however short or long - about your lifetime interest in moths, it can be put into the next Moth Group Newsletter (probably late summer). You may wish to comment on changes you`ve witnessed, any interesting moths that you`ve caught etc.