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Monday, 16 June 2014

Maenol Update

Pretty good for me last night, too, and for the birds that cleared up after I had finished at about 6am (I had rescued as many moths as I reasonably could by then, having started at 4.30).  Current tally is 203 recorded individuals of 53 species, but if I can identify a few more micros this could increase - subject of a later blog perhaps.  A number of FFYs including Ghost Moth, Peach Blossom, Brussels Lace, Gold Spot, Blood-vein and Double Line.  It was very nice to have three of these:

The Mottled Beauties seem particularly brilliantly-marked this year:

As usual, there were Pugs of uncertain identity, but I feel that this one might be recognisable:

Quite large and with narrow, pointed wings (at least, the one that isn't damaged).  Could it be an Ash/Angle-barred Pug? - it seems to have a sharply-angled line curving around the tornal spot, visible in the second photo.
Finally a Crambid which looks to me like Eudonia delunella, which I think I've had before:


  1. Ash Pug was my first thought on seeing your photo, even before I saw your caption. Doesn't mean it was one though - I struggle with Pugs! Ditto with Eudonia, but I don't think your individual is contrasty enough for E delunella and would call it E mercurella.

  2. The squarish blotch on the leading edge does look quite good for delunella. I've seen it in Cornwall and it was quite variable - can send you some photos Chris if I can dig out your email address.