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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Llansteffan Moths

I trapped on friday the 13th and it wasn't unlucky.  I had 42 different species, 7 Elephant Hawk-moth but that could have been because last year I was given 10 Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillars which were eating a friends Fuchsias and I kept them until they changed to pupa.  This last few weeks 9 have hatched out and been released into my garden, beware my Fuchsias.

Anyway I have a few undecided id's so help is needed.



  1. The Tort is Epiblema (Notocaelia) rosaecolana I believe (though it looks more interesting because of the way the wings are overlapping so one can't see the full wing pattern); the narrow micro looks like a member of the Swammerdamia group, but its worn head and lack of other obvious markings makes it problematic (are there any other photos?); the Cnephasia is indeed a Cnephasia (I'm not sure of its size but I suspect C stephensiana); I'm not going to risk anything on the Pug.

  2. The brownish head on the 3rd one probably means it's Prays fraxinella f. rustica or Prays ruficeps.

    I'd have said the pug was a worn Common based on the brownish coloration and wing shape, but hard to be sure.

  3. I did wonder about Prays, but the head looks totally scale-less and there seem to be hints of dotting towards the wingtip. Fingers crossed Mel will have another photo!

  4. Thanks Mel, still not diagnostic I'm afraid. One that got away...