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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Llansteffan Moths

I trapped on 15th at my alternative site and had good numbers, 62ish different species, I say ish because I had 7 micro un-identified.  I had some new ones for me and a few got away.  I was up at 5am but there were wings with no bodies, so birds had got to some. I laughed at Ian's blog to Sally at being moth zombies, I need match sticks at the moment to keep my eyes open.
Anyway thought I would post a few I know and then all the ones I don't for you guys out there to help me out.                 Scallop Shell new for me
                                                       L-album Wainscot
                                              Mottled Beauty never had this type before

Probably Phycitodes maritima but needs gen det (Sam B)

Mompha ochraceella (15th Carms record, very nice!) (Sam B)
Epiblema (Notocelia) sp. (probably incarnatana as looks pinkish, side view please) (Sam B)

Lathronympha strigana (Sam B)

Epiblema (Notocelia) roborana (Sam B)

Not nameable, though it looks interesting! (Sam B)

Sorry about not putting a side view on, they are a bit dark so I thought the top view was clearer. The other moth I forgot to add, it was titchy.
You can see the palps on this photo


  1. Sorry I can't help with micros Mel - I am concentrating only on macros until I become far more confident with ID skills of macros - I find some macros hard but the micros are far harder being so small. Just to say I too have had several of the Mottled Beauty type you pictured over the last week and I seem to recall someone else saying this in an earlier blog posting or comment too so I wonder if there is a reason for this pattern. I recall reading about the Westals last year and their colour is apparently determined by temperatures experienced by the pupae.

  2. Thanks Sally, some of the micro's I have had are so small it's hard to see them let alone identify them, but I am getting more interested in them. Maybe the warmer winters are causing the colour trend in Mottled Beauties.

  3. Quick message from a fellow `moth-zombie` (about to go out on an `all-dayer` in N Carms). The l-album wainscot is, of course, a good record Mel - a sp that has only colonised Carms in the last c10 years or so.
    Had two traps out in garden last night - big numbers in spite of clear skies, as it`s warm. The usual moths, I`m afraid, though a double line was my FFY. I`m hoping to do some away from home sites over the next week, as these sites are more interesting (for me).

  4. I've added IDs to some of the micros, Mel. A couple are not identifiable from photos, and ideally I'd like an additional pic of one of them. Please try to take side views rather than tops views if possible, as many spp can't be IDed from the top so easily. Thanks.

  5. Blimey - that extra one is Epermenia aequidentellus. The 2nd for Wales was caught in Glamorgan a few weeks ago!!

  6. Blimey oreilly great stuff. I have a couple more moths I'm not sure of, so I'll add them now.

  7. The little grey jobby isn't going to be IDable, and it's the genitalia we'd need to see on the Phycitodes not the palps, but the Epermenia is really distinctive and very excellent! Also, the Pyralid is Madder Pearl (Mecyna assinalis) which has just 7 Carms records, albeit 2 of them from Llansteffan where its foodplant is pretty common. Keep up the good work...

  8. I thought it was madder pearl but not sure, can't help you on gentalia I'm afraid, but is it worth me keeping small moths I can't id for someone else to dissect?

  9. I'm not going to suggest that you keep all small moths in case of future dissection, as I'd likely be the one doing the dissecting and I don't have the time (and I don't really like chopping up moths anyway!). However, I think it would be a really good plan to keep anything that looks a bit different in a tube in the fridge for a day or two just in case it turns out to be interesting - that way it can be released unharmed unless a blog photo is highlighted as potentially interesting. At the rate we are going, someone will probably say "that looks interesting" within 24 hours of a good micro being posted, and you're well located for catching more county firsts...

  10. and the other Epiblema (Notocelia) is rosaecolana, rather than incarnatana.

  11. Ok I will keep ones I don't recognise and look interesting, for further photo's. Thanks for all the id's, you know your stuff and it's great at last to have so much help.