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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Llansteffan Moth

I'm trapping at two sites in Llansteffan and one in Llangain and as usual I need help with the smaller ones.  I'm getting through the photo's and listing everything but it's hard going at the moment, I will post other stuff as and when I get time. But for the moment I need confirmation of this little lot. Many thanks as usual.



don't know


  1. Yes, No 1 is Donacaula forficella; 3 is round-winged muslin; 4 is pinion-streaked snout.
    I have contacts at Pilroath (reedbed/marsh) and Coch y barlys (estuary) if you wish to try different habitats nr Llansteffan...can email to you.

  2. And that's Eucosma campoliliana. Well done

  3. I'm trapping at Tanylan which is next to Coch y barlys, they are friends of mine and really keen to trap again. The round-winged muslin is theirs but the rest is St A's moths. Many thanks as usual to both.

  4. I visited Llansteffan for the first time three weeks ago, a Sunday morning outing, and came away with the impression that it must be a seriously nice place to live. The array of nice moths that Mel has come up with recently reinforces that view!

  5. Oh thanks for that Chris, it is a nice place to live, the sun shines here like no-where else haha.

    1. My wife described Llansteffan as 'Laugharne without the crowds' (we like Laugharne too!)