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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lime Hawk-moth in SN52

I mentioned in a reply to one of Ian's posts that Frank & Theresa Greenaway found a Lime Hawkmoth on a Small-leaved Lime sapling on their farm near Felingwm-uchaf last week.  As the map shows, this record from the centre of the county is a long way from the species' Llanelli & Carmarthen hotspots.  Ian suggests that this species probably feeds on Elm in SE Carms, so perhaps there are other colonies in the Tywi Valley where Elm is locally frequent. 
Also worth a mention is Paul Boston's Hummingbird Hawkmoth on Red Valerian at Bank Buildings, Llandeilo on Sunday: the third record of the year.


  1. The inland record shown on the map is in this a mapping error or my misunderstanding?
    The elms of inland woodlands/copses etc are the native wych elm, whilst on old estates in the Tywi Valley and elsewhere, there`s lots of the hybrid Ulmus x hollandica types (more spreading, colours yellow well in autumn and lots of growths on twigs). On the coast, esp on the old grazing levels hedges etc, is an upright elm (which has recovered well from Dutch elm disease) - variously called Ulmus procera or minor. There`s also a really odd-bod elm in certain coastal areas eg Llansteffan, Kidwelly and Pwll, amongst the more frequent types. They are a difficult and undecided group taxonomically, with experts having different views.

  2. Have just remembered that the SN72 dot is Steve`s from Cwm-llwyd!....but there`s no SN52 record inputted?

  3. No I haven't input any records from 2014 yet!

  4. Sorry Sam...mis-read your sentence!