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Thursday, 26 June 2014

In the footsteps of Romans


I met the BBNP Warden a couple days ago and we chatted about moths on the mountain. He hoped that I would find a site a little lower than previously, with bilberry and heath bedstraw abundant. So my proposed heather dominated trap site higher up the mountain must wait until later in July. I set up at 1377 feet close to the Roman Road, in the requested habitat. Not too much wind and sky becoming overcast. By morning, however, the wind had increased - my poor old hands turned quite blue when retrieving the trap!

Only 8 species of macros and mostly lowland species, although True Lover's Knot were again showing well. Also had this rather nice Map-winged Swift.

Gradually building a picture of what lives on the mountain in SN71.


  1. Nice photos Steve, but it`s worth persisting with the heathery areas too. Also try some broken steep slope habitat, where a variety of herbaceous plants escape the sheep, such as deep gullies/small cwms. Large flushes might be productive too....there`s probably plenty of places where a trap can be left safely overnight.

  2. Thanks, Ian. My proposed heather-dominant site is top priority - I have a target species in mind which I expect to find at some point. I will trap at as many locations as I can, but I have to be a bit pragmatic about it: some good places are, effectively, out of reach due to various fitness and safety considerations.