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Monday, 30 June 2014

Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner at Llangennech

Cameraria ohridella is a leaf miner on horse chestnut leaves that has spread dramatically in recent years. Leaves in the Llangennech area in SE Carms were seen to be markedly affected this afternoon, on an otherwise mostly mothless mission.

I believe that this is the leaf miner rather than the fungus Guigardia aesculi, which causes more irregular blotches than the rather elongate, between-veins, leaf mine of Cameraria.

I went on to the saltmarsh edge, checking plants of scentless/sea mayweed for chamomile shark caterpillars, but no luck (though I`ve had them near the sewage works in the recent past). Likewise, no luck re mallow caterpillars on marsh mallow, a species that is used by this moth on the north Gower marshes. I will re-check at a later date.
The little fellow below - a short-winged conehead Conocephalus dorsalis was, however, lurking amongst the mallow.

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  1. Definitely Cameraria mines. The pale edges and reddish inner patches on the blotch mines are typical, whereas the fungus is usually browner as well as less linear.