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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Four-dotted Footman

We've had at least 3 blog posts about Four-dotted Footman in Carms this week, and I had one here last night as well.  This wetland species is uncommon but pretty widespread in the county (map below).  This is in stark contrast to the situation in Glamorgan, where the Moths of Glamorgan reveals it to be almost totally restricted to Gower, with just a couple of records further east.

Other species caught here (porch light, as usual) were 3 Eudonia delunella (rubbing my nose in it, following my misidentifying Chris' individual as E mercurella), 1 Waved Carpet, 1 Broken-barred Carpet, 1 Cinnabar and my first 2 Uncertain of the year.


  1. Useful map, as always, Sam.The appearance of the Moths of Glamorgan is useful for us in Carms too (as well as being a good general book) to put our vc44 into some context. Small seraphim is another Glam sp that is most frequent in the west of that county and (mostly, I think) in the general SE of Carms.

  2. Here at Saron, Llandysul I have had more Four-spotted Footman (largest catch to date is 12) date) than Dingy (just 4). We have several acres of rhos pasture and a field of scrapes plus large ponds/small lake.