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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Cwmllwyd 14 June 2014

239 moths of 67 species came to the Robinson trap last night. Mostly common species, as you would expect, but including many FFYs. Highlights included:

Four-dotted Footman; nine of these,

Figure of Eighty; just this one.

Some pretty green moths, too - all FFYs

 Green Carpet, Green Silver-lines, Green Arches.


  1. Lovely Figure of 80. Isn't that new for Cwmllwyd? Indeed I don't think there are any records from that 10km square.

    239 of 67 is an excellent catch. I'm very envious!

  2. Thanks, Sam. Yes, you are correct about the Figure of Eighty - it is a first for the site. I've never had greater quantity, or diversity, at any site and it's taken all day to work through them! Among the micros was Catoptria margaritella, is this noteworthy? should I post a photo? - you know how poor my micro ID skills are!

  3. C margaritella is very distinctive and pretty frequent on heaths, bogs and moors in the county. Don't post unless you want to!

  4. That`s a `good trap` Steve! Well done - I like the four-dotted footman pic too. Trapped last night at home, as I was too tired to go `moth roving`. Also big numbers and good variety (inc FFYs) but nothing really interesting. Will probably blog later.