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Monday, 23 June 2014

Cilycwm 20th June

Thirty species plus a couple that got away  without ID. It included the following micros:
Lozotaenia forsterana?

Pandemis cerasana?

Eudonia delunella?

Re the macros can anyone confirm the following:

Double square spot?
Triple spotted clay?

Are these all ingrailed clays?
The longer i stare at them the more I lose confidence!


  1. I'd go along with all these id's.

  2. As would I
    Well done Isabel!

  3. Yes, I get that problem too Isabel....the more you look at some moths, the more your imagination and inconclusiveness grows! It`s when pugs `morph` into hawk-moths that you have to worry!
    As Sam says, you`re doing well - keep it up.

  4. Thanks all. It's getting infectious - even my boyfriend's daughter is sending us photos of moths she sees now! The clays do give me a headache though.