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Monday, 16 June 2014

Cilycwm 13 June

Thirty-six species for me so variety of moths on the up!

I also got a four-dotted footman!

Also the following which would be good to have confirmation of as , dusky brocade?, pale-shouldered brocade? ingrailed clay? and sharp angled peacock?

Near the trap I found a common white wave and next to it another moth that looks like a brown version but I can't ID it!

Finally two micros that I need help with:

Are they Eudonia species and a Epiphyas positivana ?



  1. Well done Isabel...really glad that you`ve had some success, both with increased numbers and species. You`ll be easily beating that chap...what`s his name?... from Carmel before long!
    Re your macros...good to see another four-spotted footman (after Steve`s). The second moth looks like a pale-shouldered brocade to me, ditto re the ingrailed clay and the sharp-angled peacock.
    Your brown moth with the common white wave looks like a riband wave.

  2. Yes, a nice selection of photos Isabel! I agree with Ian about the Riband Wave, had one just like this myself this morning, lacking the distinctive 'riband', and another that had it. The Crambid looks like Eudonia lacustrata to me, but perhaps it would be wise to get Sam or George to confirm, along with the L-B Apple Moth look-alike.

  3. I can confirm the Eudonia lacustrata and delunella, also the Light Brown Apple moth.

  4. Thanks all for your help everyone!