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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Boggy fun

In preparation for the Carmarthenshire Bogs Project walk on Pyllau Cochion (SN498266) at 6pm this coming Thursday (12th June) I visited the site with Ali Heath, Rosie Carmichael and Andrew Paterson.  Several interesting micros were on the wing including 1 Elachista kilmunella (4th Carms record), 6 Ancylis unguicella (photo; 3rd Carms record), 1 Pleurota bicostella (4th Carms record), 1 Rhopobota myrtillana (photo; 2nd Carms record), 1 Incurvaria oehlmanniella, 4 Leucoptera laburnella (beaten from Laburnum) and 1 Argyresthia conjugella.  It's good to get a few new species for the under-recorded hectad SN42.

Ancylis unguicella, which feeds on Erica spp and has a remarkably hooked wing

Rhopobota myrtillana, which feeds on Bilberry and is remarkably small for a Tortricid
(and is easily confused with the thistle-feeding Lobesia abscisana)

En route to the site I stopped briefly at Pont Dolgafros (SN482287) where I swept two Adela fibulella from Germander Speedwell.

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  1. Interesting as always Sam....handy to know what`s out and on what habitat etc. I went to south Crychan yesterday, with a target diurnal moth and another invertebrate in mind - found both....will blog later - must do some other jobs whilst it`s dry!