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Friday, 20 June 2014

Blog Backlog: Tyrwaun Weds night (18/6/14)

I did n`t get a chance to blog regarding Wednesday night`s catch at Tyrwaun, Pwll. Nothing exceptional (35+ spp in fair nos), but FFYs burnished brass, double line, scallop shell, small fan-foot and fan-foot. I include photos of the last two for comparison - the small fan-foot `did a runner` before I could take a better photo, so just a more distant shot of it on the wall where it alighted.

                                         Above: small fan-foot.
                                         Above: the wing markings.

                                         Above: scallop shell, one of my FFYs.

Below: is this an Argonopteryx sp.? If so, which one please?

Just back in from a `hummingbird hawk-moth patrol` in the garden - none to be seen! I bet they`re hiding from me!
Will be trapping `away from home` tonight - sites SE of Llanelli.


  1. Looks like Bryotropha terrella.

  2. You beat me too it, George - I've got the book open on my knee!

  3. Thanks much for my Argonopteryx!!!