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Monday, 30 June 2014

....and another one that did n`t get away!

Since the `Great Escape` of moths in my car on the early morning long trip home from Pendine in the early hours of Thursday, my car has been producing moths. Most of the moths thus secreted, I have missed, as they would rapidly fly out as I opened the car in, say, the local Asda car park, perhaps after offering me a tantalising glance.
Driving home last night, there was a noctuid flying around in the front part of the car, and as I did not have far to drive, I decided to keep an eye on it (and the other eye on the road, if traffic cops are reading this!). It landed conveniently on my dashboard. After parking the car, I popped into the house and collected a suitable container (I`ll remember in future to always have one in the car).

The moth was potted up and placed into the fridge to cool down overnight. This morning I checked it and, to me, it looks like a particularly dark northern rustic. I was able to photograph it (see above), which pleased me as the one I did bring home on Thursday was too worn. I`d seen several northern rustics enter my Ragwen Point actinic, but was disappointed the next day to find only one in the trap - the rest must have escaped.
It also made me think of what other moths fully escaped, especially when I opened the windows near St Clears to release a swarm of escapees near St Clears....all I have to do now is find a mullein wave in my boot!
Chris Manley kindly sent me his list of 87 species that he recorded on Weds/Thurs night at Morfa Bychan and, together with an additional 21 species from my list that did n`t overlap with his, we had a total of 108 moth species on that night. 
I did n`t trap last night, as the forecasted conditions were (relatively) cold and clear.

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