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Monday, 23 June 2014

A Night on the Bare Mountain

SN712184 (so 10km square SN71). 22 June 2014.

Surprisingly, Mussorgsky's masterpiece was not on my mind as I struggled up the Roman road to a height of about 1500 feet to reach the heather on the flank of Pen y Clogau. I needed to find a sheltered spot for the Heath trap - it was quite breezy high up, so I set up in the middle of the depression that was Pwll Dudrwyth. I've been up there many times in the last 17 years and have never seen standing water in the pool, although it was a bit soggy underfoot. So, the trap was standing in a small upland bog, surrounded by heather: I was hoping for a few mountain species.

And few species it turned out to be! Seven species, to be precise, including:

True Lover's Knot(s) 
and moth of the night and, for me, probably moth of the year so far: 

Light Knot Grass.


  1. Trapped from 22:00 until 00:00, having promised the wife that I would pack up at midnight. Still light at 10 pm so trap only effective for 90 minutes. Other wildlife: one fox at about 30 yards, two bats of unknown species, five red grouse heard, with one seen.

  2. REALLY well done Steve! A great moth to catch too (light knot-grass). Never seen it - I`m jealous again! Trapping away from home does bring dividends!

  3. I've never seen Light Knot-grass either so a fantastic result!

  4. Thanks Guys - but I still can't do micros and pugs!

  5. Coincidentally, I had LKG last night at Craig Cerrig NNR in VC42 - will put a post on the Glam blog.