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Monday, 5 May 2014

The Weekend's Catches

Friday night was reasonably productive (nothing to compare with Sam's though), last night less so, but it's a good time of year for trapping because seasonal moths are appearing all of the time.  On Friday it was the turn of Peppered Moth, Muslin Moth, Iron Prominent and  Pale-shouldered Brocade, last night Scalloped Hazel, Common Pug, and Tawny Pinion.  I shall probably make a habit of posting photos of the pugs I catch in the hope that someone will put me right if I get them wrong.

 Common Pug
Tawny Pinion
In response to Sam's request I'm posting a couple of side views of yesterday's Pinion moth.  Also included are three photos of the Tawny Pinion caught here on 3 May 2011 - these are the photos which I referred to Jon at the time.  Another TP was recorded on 5 October last year and a photo was posted in a blog on that date.  I trust all of this will be helpful!

Above: two more photos of yesterday's moth
Below: three photos of the moth from May 2011


  1. I think the Common Pug looks OK. Do you have any more photos of the Tawny Pinion as it's a category C on Jon's list (I think) and I know he was concerned about dark forms of Pale Pinion. There doesn't look to be a dark tornal streak on your moth, but that might just be because of the fold in the wing and a side photo might reveal it. Thanks.

  2. Sam, as you will see I've added more photos to the original blog. I wasn't too hesitant about calling yesterday's moth a Tawny Pinion because, as far as I could see from the archived photos, it was very similar indeed to the one from 2011 which Jon agreed was of this species. If anything, yesterday's moth was darker than the photos show - I noticed this at the time because it was in contrast to the photos of the Common Pug which came up darker than the actual moth. Incidentally, hasn't Sally recorded TP as well?

  3. I think it`s a tawny too. I`ve only had it once at Tyrwaun (conf JSB, with a pic in one of the newsletters). I had a `dark pale pinion` last year which at first glance looked like a tawny, but on inspection was n`t. I recall that I actually put a photo on the blog of this latter imposter. There`s a good short article with pics, in the journal Atropos (which I`ve lent out at present, so cannot refer to it).

  4. Thanks Chris, the side view does reveal a dark tornal streak, though not as obvious as on the 2011 moth. So I now agree its tawny.

    1. That's a relief! At least I will know what aspects to photograph the next time.

  5. I`ve also remembered that tawny has a dark purple iridescence to `the dark bits`, which `dark pale pinions` don`t have.