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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The 'Dishwasher Moth'

This pretty micro landed on the dishwasher whilst I was emptying it.  I have tentatively identified it as Triaxomera parasitella.  This is plausible because there is a basket containing logs parked next to the dishwasher.


  1. It looks more like Skin Moth to me, Chris, but that's first glance...

    1. Sam, I gather that you're away so it may not be possible for you to check, but I believe that George got it right when he suggested Cork Moth. The book illustrations I've seen aren't too convincing but the one on the Hants Moths website is spot on.

  2. Just to throw another name into the mix...I would have called this Nemapogon cloacella, Cork Moth.

  3. George, I think that you're right. I Googled N. cloacella and amongst the numerous images one in particular, from the Hants Moths site, was a dead ringer for my moth, same mosaic pattern of brown, black and white. At least I got the right family!

  4. Sorry, that'll teach me not to use English names: I meant Nemapogon (Cork Moth) not Monopis (Skin Moth). Stick to Latin every time!!

  5. Thank you Sam & George for your help on this, I'm just very glad to get a positive i.d., and a new species for me here, albeit probably quite a common one.