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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mothing for Bea


It's the kind of trap catch that would spark a lifetime interest in mothing: 166 of 35 species including lots of big furry species. 3 Puss Moth, 24 Brindled Beauty, 13 Great Prominent, 2 Poplar Hawk-moth, 2 Lunar Thorn (photo), 1 Dwarf Pug, 1 Barred Umber, 1 Frosted Green and 1 Scalloped Hook-tip were among the highlights.  Bea certainly loved looking through the trap.  Her favourites were the Puss Moths (which she called Kitty-cat Moths).


  1. Brilliant!....I think that I`ve also had the ones shown in the drawing too, but I could n`t name them!

  2. Yes, that was a fantastic result. I don't know about sparking a lifetime's interest though, it might make the rest of us want to give up trying! Seriously, the trap must have been very crowded with so many large moths inside it, or did some of them (the Puss Moths, for example) settle outside it?

  3. Well over half the moths were outside, scattered on walls, the fence etc. the trap itself held mostly Orthosia species.

    1. I wondered whether that might have been the case, you must have been up quite early to beat the birds. I'm finding that it's a 5.30am start these days. Friday night was reasonably productive here, but nothing like the excitement that you had! I'll report in due course, still looking at the pug photos.

  4. PS Chris asked for a photo of Square Spot from 2 nights ago. I've added one to that post.