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Friday, 2 May 2014

Square Spot and carpets galore

The children slept late (6:30) last night so I didn't get down to check the porch light at Cnwc until the sun had hit the wall and the Blue Tits had started to feast :-(

There were still 16 moth species left, most of them Geometrids and many of them new for the year here.  Perhaps the most interesting were 3 Square Spot (easily ignored as an Engrailed!), 2 Great Prominent that Bea enjoyed holding, and a Marbled Brown.

I'll make sure I get up earlier tomorrow!

Sorry for low quality photo - I took it with my iPod but couldn't then upload it. Much faffing later... note the lack of toothing on the outer line of the median fascia, and the solid square patch.

And here's an Engrailed for comparison.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting the photos, Sam, they're fine. The moth I had doubts about 2 years ago had more distinct dark patches in the 'square' position than the ones in your Engrailed photo, but had the toothing you mention and lacked the pale band adjoining the square, which is very evident in your Square Spot photo. I shall scrutinize Engraileds very carefully in future!