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Monday, 26 May 2014

Nothing and Something

I placed an actinic at the seaward end of the old Pembrey Harbour breakwater (ie the western one) last night and stayed with it for an hour from 10.00pm. There was a constant breeze, with stronger minor episodes than forecasted, and not a single moth came to the trap; perhaps wisely I then called off the trapping and returned home. Again, it`s a good site to trap so I will return. Some minor compensation was provided by calling passage whimbrels overhead.
Earlier, I`d put out another actinic at home and, on inspection when I returned, I noted that there were a few moths present, but nothing flying around the trap as you experience on good nights. Nevertheless, I left the trap out overnight.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that moths were indeed present this morning - some 25 species in all - and including my first migrants of the year, albeit only a silver y and diamond-back moth Plutella xylostella.
Other moths included Vine`s rustic, puss moth, small seraphim and eyed hawk-moth.

Found this colourful yellow-tail caterpillar this morning, feeding on alder buckthorn in my garden.

....and this brimstone landed on an ivy-clad wall in front of my house:-

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