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Friday, 30 May 2014

Skin Moth?

Is it Monopis laevigella, or M. weaverella?

Any opinions very welcome.


  1. I think it's M. weaverella. Whichever - it's no skin off my nose!

  2. Good one, Steve, these Tineids are turning up like London buses!

  3. I think that's a Monopis laevigella, which is slightly the commoner of the two. Usually the pale tornal patch on M weaverella is much bigger than on this individual, also MBGBI says that the pale (unscaled) wing patch is nearer the middle in weaverella and nearer the costa in laevigella, and that M laevigella usually has more abundant pale scales all over the wing.

  4. Excellent! Many thanks Sam. Skin Moth then; a first for Cwmllwyd. I'm becoming very good at getting these tiny micros wrong!