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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Serious and casual recording over the years

I asked Sam yesterday if he could kindly compile a map to show the location of my moth records over the years and this map is shown below. I show it, not as a smug, self-congratulatory exercise, but rather to suggest how we all could help with the casual side of recording, such as daytime records.
Most of the light blue records on the map are of single records -whether a simple summer silver y sighting or, perhaps, a more interesting diurnal species. This is certainly the case with my records in the northern and NE part of the county. Remember too, that we are short of many day-flying moth records and there are some `good` species out there to be found, so bear this in mind if you embark on a walk (take a net and some containers with you...and don`t forget that camera). Anyone seeing (and ideally photographing) a clouded buff, wood tiger or any other scarce diurnal moth will be guaranteed a mention in the next newsletter!
Of course, some of the 1-50 `light blue recording class` on the map below will also refer to light trapping forays where moderate numbers of species might have been recorded but, on the whole, these will be in the SE Carms squares of SN30, 40 & 50 and SS59. The `higher score` dots will coincide with my regular trapping areas. Thanks again to Sam for preparing the map.

The inclement, windy weather is not really suitable for trapping at present, though Sunday night currently looks fairly possible...we`ll see!

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