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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saron, Llandysul

29 species - emptied trap at 4.30am and what a beautiful morning - worth getting up early, birds singing, including a male swallow in near barn, moon out (not so good!) and very mild. Not many moths outside trap (White Ermines, Scalloped Hazel, Small Phoenix, Brimstone and Peppered Moths) so I thought it may be disappointing. However, in the trap, with a queen wasp, 11 cockchafers and a few micros were more several more species of macro: Poplars, Silver Y, Grass Rivulet, Brown Silver-line, Common Carpet, Nut-tree Tussock, Common Wave, Ochreous Pug, Red Twin-spotted Carpets, Flame Shoulder, Barred Umber, Silver-ground Carpets, Hebrew Character, Dusky Brocade, Scorched Wing, Garden

Carpet, Puss Moth (new for me, photo above), Pebble Prominent, Clouded Border, Common Quaker, Great Prominent (new to me) Small Square Spot, Muslin Moths and a Pug I am not sure about (could it be Valerian Pug, we have plenty of this plant) - see photos - sorry about quality.

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