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Monday, 26 May 2014


I didn't get a chance to run the moth trap this weekend so tried to make up for it by going moth-hunting this afternoon. Walked up to Taliaris lake with the aim of finding Micropterix aureatella. Hundreds of M.calthella (feeling it necessary to search all the buttercups that have moths in really slows a walk down...) but I eventually found a single M.aureatella. Didn't get anything other than a record shot so instead I'll put a better one I took last week in Glamorgan:

I also saw a couple of other micros that I would like confirmation (or otherwise) of please. Firstly saw this beautiful moth doing a little dance on rosebay willowherb. Is it Mompha raschkiella?
And is this one a diamond-backed moth?

Other than that there was also small china-marks in garden pond and around the lake, disturbed silver-ground carpets and my first small copper of the year (for Carms). Very nice to see a painted lady flying around too - another first for the year. When I returned home there was also a pug waiting for me on the window:
Foxglove pug?


  1. Those all look good to me Vaughn. The banding on the antennae of the Diamond-back is a good pointer on these weakly marked individuals.

  2. Well done Vaughn...glad to note that you are getting `out and about`.

  3. Well done on a new site for M aureatella Vaughn. I had one at Cnwc last week too, but they usually seem to be outnumbered by other Micropterix spp.

  4. Thanks for the ids George and thanks Ian and Sam for the encouragement!