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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Set two traps - one MV and one actinic at home on sunday night. It was rather cold so I didn't get the exciting things I'd seen other people catching and, despite getting up at 5:15, didn't get to the moths before a robin had had its way with a brindled beauty and a lesser swallow prominent...ended up with 43 moths of 15 species in the MV and 11 moths of 4 species in the actinic. Brindled beauty and hebrew character led the way with FFY (for home) of brimstone, nut-tree tussock, water carpet, lesser swallow prominent, dark-barred twin-spot carpet, pebble prominent, common wave, scalloped hazel, flame carpet and 1 noctuid which I can't id at the moment - will post it later if I can't pin it down (not literally).
Pebble Prominent

OK, I think I have the problem sorted - I was looking in completely the wrong my defence it was resting its wings as shown below:
Having looked at it in the following position I'm thinking it's frosted green?


  1. Frosted Green is good! There are a few records a year but seldom more than 2 or 3 at any site. The database holds only 87 records.

  2. Frosted green also baffled me completely once (until Sam came to the rescue!)....I was looking and looking through the noctuids for any idea of its i/d! I had a similar problem recently with oak nycteoline, which I was trying to `make` into a tortricid.
    Naughty imposter moths like these should be banned!

  3. Thanks Sam - it's the first frosted green I've ever caught. Almost missed it too as it was resting on a grey floor away from the trap. Ian - I agree!