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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Salem (daytime)

I had a wander through the damp meadows on my parents land last night (where I usually trap) in search of Micropterix calthella (plenty) and disturbed a couple of other moths. One ruby tiger and a silver-ground carpet plus these two micros:
I believe this lovely longhorn is Adela rufimitrella resting on its foodplant?

I wasn't sure about this one though so if someone could help that would be great:

I also set the trap last night and had a good catch which I'll post in a bit.


  1. Second one looks like Bactra lancealana? Certainly the right kind of habitat but Sterling & Parsons mention similar species so not sure if it's identifiable to species by this photo?

  2. Yep, I'd agree with those. In my experience all the Bactra in rush pastures inland have been lancealana, so I now record those I see in this habitat as this species (without dissection). Most of the scarcer Bactras are saltmarsh or other coastal habitat species.

    Sam - do you agree it safe to record these as lancealana in inland rush pasture?


  3. Thanks again George - good to know