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Sunday, 18 May 2014

More Maenol Micros

In contrast to the success stories of fellow moth-ers, Friday night was not very productive here, and last night was not much better.  A couple of micros turned up which might be worthy of mention, if only to make up for the drabness of the last one I reported, namely Elachista canapennella.

I'm guessing that the slimline Crambid is most likely to be Scoparia ambigualis, and the even more slimline white-shouldered moth is the splendidly-named Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, but as usual I'm very happy to be corrected.


  1. The white-shouldered slimline job looks a pretty moth - I don`t think I`ve seen it, so well done.
    I hope to do a little trapping tonight, after a night off.

  2. I also caught Pseudoswammerdamia combinella last night (at least, it was the same as the one above) - an attractive little thing - like a miniature buff-tip

  3. The Scoparid is Eudonia angustea - more slimline and with more pointy wings than S. ambigualis.

    Jealous of the combinella as I've never seen that one!


  4. Thank you George. I did think that it was a bit slim for S. ambigualis, which I've had in the past. Eudonia angustea is a first for me.

  5. I used to get combinella a couple of times a year when beating hedgerows in VC35: like other Swammerdamia types it's probably easiest got by day.

  6. The one that I caught turned up at about 4:30 just as I was starting to empty the trap but before I'd turned the light off