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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Modest Returns Last Night

I put the small actinic in a sheltered place, expecting it to rain overnight (it didn't), and managed only 15 moths, made up mostly of White Ermines (5) and Silver-ground Carpets (3).  However, one of the others was, I believe, a Cabbage Moth.  If so, it's a first for me here.  It won't put me off growing Brassicas, Ian!


  1. Well, full marks for trying Chris. In spite of me suggesting to trap last night, I did n`t! I looked out and it was still clear skies at c 10.15pm, so sat down and had a beer. You know the result...I then felt too tired to do a `wait with the trap job`, and went to bed instead!
    Yes, the forecast heavy rain did n`t materialise here - just some light rain by the looks of it. I could have easily left a trap out overnight if I`d realised that would have been the case.
    My local cabbage moths have now got `sat nav`, so I`ve given them your postcode Chris!

    1. I've got mixed feelings about that, Ian. It's quite an attractive moth, but I'll hold you accountable for any Brassica losses this year!