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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Median Farm micros

A quick lunchtime beating session on the entrance track to Median Farm (temptingly close to my new NRW Cross Hands office) produced 5 Leucoptera laburnella, 2 Phyllonorycter salicicolella, 1 P harrisella & 1 Epinotia immundana, along with Micropterix calthella and Bactra lancealana.  George had beaten me to the Leucoptera as he found mines there in 2013, but the two Phyllos and the Epinotia are new for the 1km square, albeit all 3 are common.


  1. Good to see you've been down to Median Farm - hope you can make a few more visits this year. I think Ruth Harding is planning to do some Heath trapping there as well - will be good to generate a decent species list for the site.

    Re the Leucoptera - in the autumn every Laburnum tree was covered in larvae hanging on silk threads after quitting their mines. I'd never seen anything quite like it.

  2. Forgot to mention...on my last visit I rescued a Grey Shoulder-knot from a water trough. Not sure if this is a good record for Carms?

  3. It`s a species that I`ve never had George, though I think Mat has had it not too far away at Carmel.

  4. There are only 36 records of Grey Shoulder-knot from VC44: it's a very irregular thing here, and there are only 7 of Leucoptera laburnella though it's rather less distinctive!