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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Marsh Frits are out

Five very fresh Marsh Fritillary males were in the Butterfly Ride at Pembrey Forest yesterday (despite needing to wade through standing water to get to them).

Marsh Fritillary, Pembrey Forest
Also a single Small PBF, and the highest numbers of Grizzled and Dingy Skippers since we started monitoring the site in 2007. Still very few Small Blues though.

Isabel also had 4 Marsh Frits at Brynamman (at a site where they've not been seen since 2000), so the season is well underway.

And at the request of Ian Morgan, here's a photo of Anania of 22 seen in Glamorgan yesterday, see here.



  1. Good....I can start looking at my planned sites-to-visit now. The trouble is, a lot of `good` wildlife appears at the same time.
    Thanks for useful tip-off George. I`m sure that any such `tip-offs` will be valued by all eg `look for moth `x` now on plant `y` etc etc...

  2. Thanks George for posting the photo.