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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Maps for recent sightings

Two maps to put Vaughn's Frosted Green and Steve's Micropterix calthella into context.  There are 87 records of Frosted Green and 132 of the Micropterix, although many of the Micropterix records are multiples from well-worked sites.  These numbers are actually about the right proportion, as Frosted Green is likely to be a far less abundant species in Carms than M. calthella, but fewer people record the Micropterix at the moment.  Please can everyone look out for it in Buttercup/Marsh Marigold/Bugle etc. flowers on their local patch this week!

The 2014 records aren't on these maps.


  1. Saw a few M.calthella and a single Ancylis badiana while on a walk around Carreg Cennen woods at the weekend.

  2. p.s. was meant to say - thanks for the maps Sam, they're always interesting to see.

  3. Yes, Sam. The maps are always very useful and I particularly like the background style that you have adopted, showing general topography. I`ve got a recent SN50 frosted green to add to the list incidentally, so it`s in that 10km sq too.