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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Llansteffan Pugs

I'm posting pictures of the three pugs I caught on the 28th, for help and comparison. Thanks in advance.


  1. The second one looks like Brindled and the third Oak-tree (not as elongated as Brindled and with a heavier discal spot, and a more distinct pale patch beyond it).

    I still can't work out the first one! It has the general appearance of Golden-rod or Grey, but looks too brown for those.


  2. I agree that the first one is perplexing. It doesn't seem to have a discal spot, but doesn't look particularly right for any species. I don't think it's safe to ID from a photo (but am happy to bow to a Pug specialist!)

  3. I'm not a pug expert either, but my first impression of the top one was Brindled Pug.