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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Llansteffan Moths

I trapped last night 27th May and had 1x Currant Pug, 2xElephant Hawk-moth, 5x Brown Silver-line, 3x Silver-ground Carpet, 2x Light Brown Apple Moth, a Spectacle, The Flame, 3x Brown House-moth, a Poplar Hawk-moth that a great tit ate, a Pebble Prominent, 3xCommon Marbled Carpet, a Flame Shoulder, a Treble Lines, 2xBuff Ermine, a White Ermine, a Clouded-bordered Brindle, 2x Small Square-spot, a Rustic Shoulder-knot and 3micro's.  Things are picking up.
Forgot to add this Minor which one is it please


  1. Melanie. Good to hear that you are trapping, and keep up the good work. The marbled minor looks like a rufous minor, but they really need to be dissected to be certain....something that most of us don`t do.

  2. Thanks Ian, I would have put it down as marbled. I probably have a trap out the weekend next.

  3. The very rufous wings and rufous tuft on the back of the thorax suggest this is a Rufous Minor, but I've always struggled with this group. Jon's much better on them and wish he'd comment on some of our blog posts :-)

  4. I started off in 2010 trying to put a specific name to Minors but spent so much time trying to decide the issue that I decided to record them all as 'Minor sp.', and have done this for the last two seasons. It would be nice to know what others are doing though.