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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Isabel 1 - House sparrows 0

Because of a head cold I didn't sleep well so was up at 5:00 checking the trap. The house sparrows turned up at about 5:45 and were pretty cheesed off to see me and sat in a tree chirping loudly occasionally flying a bit closer and then retreating. How many moths are lost to them I don't know but for today at least I beat them to the spoils.

Only 16 species but the best trap for me so far this year, including first records this year for scorched wing, muslin moth (male), spectacle, scalloped hazel, pale tussock, garden carpet, common wave and small phoenix. Also 4 poplar hawk moths looking lovely and fresh, brimstone, pebble prominent, garden carpet. Are the following a May highflier and small square spot respectively?

Also two pugs:

... help!

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  1. It looks like a May highflyer to me Isabel, and the noctuid looks like a small square-spot too...George has sent an email around (can`t remember whether you were included) to say that the pugs that you and Sally had were common pugs. Glad that your moth numbers were up.