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Thursday, 29 May 2014

I could n`t resist....

I had decided yesterday to have a break from trapping last night, but looking at the conditions, I relented and put the home trap out and also another at a nearby site, Furnace Quarry. It was worth trapping - as Melanie notes in her post below- with good numbers and a good variety of moths. It would be nice to hear of others trapping in the county, apart from the regular contributors on this blog. The good mothing weather continues this week, so please try to trap.
I had alder moths, mottled beauties and scorched wings (my FFYs) in both traps, as well as a small yellow wave at Tyrwaun, Pwll. Sadly, the latter was very skittish and it flew off as my camera approached it.

                                          Above: scorched wing.

  Above: mottled beauty. Note the distinctive marked curved section at the rear of the central dark band.

PS- I also had a diamond-back moth at Pwll, my only migrant of the night.

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