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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Even more daytime micros

I made a brief visit to Median Farm on Thursday afternoon (5pm) on the way to Cors Caron to look for Rosy Marsh Moth larvae. I was hoping for a bit of sun and Marsh Fritillaries, but it stayed resolutely dull, though it was still and fairly mild - good conditions for day-flying micros.

In total I saw 6 Elachista subalbidella (a good record from what Sam says in his post), 2 Grapholita compositella, c. 50 Glyphipterix thrasonella, c. 50 Bactra lancealana, hundreds (still) of Micropterix calthella, and 3 larvae of Aphelia paleana in spinnings on Devil's-bit Scabious (one of the few micro species which is quite distinctive as a larva - see below).

Elachista subalbidella
Grapholita compositella

Aphelia paleana larva
Like Sam, I didn't see many macros - just Silver-ground and Common Carpets.



  1. Thankyou George - that's what my Elachista looked like too, I just couldn't get a good photo! Yours is a cracker. There are 3 older records from Rhandirmwyn (Dafydd Davies), my 2 from quadrats, mine from today and yours. It should surely be a bit more widespread on our Molinia pastures.

  2. I`ve really enjoyed reading the contributions made by several recorders, as well as the very helpful photos and -importantly- other practical hints by George, Sam, Chris and Vaughn....and anyone else. In case anyone is wondering about my lack of blogs in the last couple of days, it is due to general non-moth business and -more importantly- a day out on NW Carms heathland sites and a couple of moth trapping nights. I`ve had some good moths (inc a 2nd vcr - a moth of some resonance to Sam!) and all will be revealed when I blog on the next wet day (probably Monday).
    Yes, Sam, kids are great at spotting son used to find inverts for me, as well as lapwings` or other bird nests. They have the advantage though, that they are closer to the ground than us `grown-ups`!

  3. Ian - you've got to do a Blog after a teaser like that, if only by posting a picture of the 2nd vc record! Otherwise I'll be praying for rain...

  4. PS - really top-notch photos too George. will be posted tomorrow.

  5. Praying for rain in West Wales, Sam? To use the phrase of a tennis legend, you can't be serious!! Like Ian, I shall be reporting Friday night's results on the next wet day, but I'm content for it to be in a day or three's time!

  6. I think subalbidella must be having a good year - I've now seen it on 3 sites this year (the other two in VC41) having only seen it on a couple of occasions in the previous 10 years.

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the photos too. My 10 year old Nikon Coolpix is still going strong.


    1. Ah, that's why your photos are so good: the coolpix is a super camera. Mine bust as did my replacement of the same model and more recent Nikon have more megapixels but worse close focus.

  7. My Coolpix 4500 seems to be bullet proof (though I really shouldn't tempt fate!) - I've taken nearly 20,000 photos with it now. I had switched to using a Panasonic Lumix but after dropping it in a saline ditch on Mallorca I'm back to using the Coolpix. It's taken a while to get used to the terrible monitor (the thing that really dates the camera) but it is really very good on the close focusing.