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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Early Dark Spectacle?

23 moths at the Cnwc porch light last night included the distinctive micro Semioscopis steinkelneriana new for the garden, only the 20th Carms record, another 2 Great Prominent, 1 Lunar Thorn, and what appears to be a very early Dark Spectacle (2 weeks earlier than the previous earliest in Carms).

I must confess to finding Dark Spectacle rather difficult, but the outer dorsal corner of the median fascia doesn't curve back in on this individual and I think that's a feature of Dark Spectacle.


  1. Lovely Great Prominent Sam, it's about time I saw one here! However, I have had S.steinkelneriana, in 2011 and 2012 I believe, but not since. I would like to have seen a photo of Square Spot, haven't seen one yet but have had Engrailed with quite distinct square patches which would have led to confusion without Jon's advice. Re your dark Spectacle: some species do seem to be arriving early, I think that my Oak Hook-tip was a couple of weeks early too, but perhaps you could confirm this.

  2. I'd confirm that as Dark Spectacle, has not arrived here yet. A poor night for me only 45 moths of 7 species.
    29 H.Cs;10 Cqs;2 Sm.Qs; 1 Red Ch; 1 Mott.Grey; 1 Cl.Drab; Lunar Marbled Brown. Temp. was down to 5.4C.

  3. I`ve resigned myself to never catching a great prominent!....nice one, Sam. Good also to have the square spot advice....always handy to have i/d tips.
    Had four traps operating last night, with some reasonably nice moths in two of them....will blog later, after taking photos and waking up properly!