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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Cwmllwyd 16 May 2014

Great night, wasn't it! Some really interesting reports already posted below. 

I put out two traps: the Robinson m/v in the "garden" and the new actinic Heath trap in our wetland. 12 species in the wetland, of which, four did not show in the garden (including Devon Carpet, which seems fairly regular here). The Robinson trap came up trumps, however, with 24 species. Overall, 16 FFY's. Quite outstanding.

Ian showed us a Campion - here's one with a degree of likeness, but this one's a Lychnis!

Moth of the night for me, though (if I've identified it correctly) is this Glaucous Shears.

1 comment:

  1. That`s a glaucous shears all right....lucky blighter! I was after that species with my `moth-flop` outing to that bog at Llwyn-teg N of Llanelli last night, but did n`t get one (or hardly anything else!). Well done and nice pic too! I`ve previously had the species though, at Palycwrt, which is not far from your place.
    Keep up the good work Steve.
    The weather looks ok tonight and more so on Sunday night (though, as always, the forecast may change). I may try the `wait-with-trap` method on Sunday night at a Llanelli urban-edge site.