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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cilycwm 23-05

Pretty good night for me with over 20 species and a few that I have not recorded before and a couple I cannot ID!

Confirmation/help would be appreciated!

Oblique carpet.

Common marbled carpet

Foxglove pug?

Also - water carpet - I had wondered about Devon carpet for a moment!

I need help with these...

...and I trapped this as well...


  1. Isabel- re your last four `problem pics`...the first is least black arches, 2nd looks like a spruce carpet; 3rd looks like a red-barred tortrix Ditula angustiorum, whilst no 4 is a cantharid `soldier beetle`...I`ll det the beetle sometime in the next few days for you - I used to do this group and have a good key. Best to get Sam, George or whoever to confirm some of my quick, provisional dets above, due to my tiredness!
    I had four actinics running last night (one at home, rest `away`). Have got quite a few moths to go through and to photo, but as I was up before 4.00am, I`m too tired to do them yet. Plenty of FFYs and one or two `goodies`. I will probably blog tomorrow morning.

  2. I agree with Ian on those ids
    Pondered Archips xylosteana for the tort but its Ditula

  3. The cantharid beetle looks like Cantharis nigricans according to a key I have.