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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Catholic calthella

I hope people aren't getting bored with these Micropterix calthella posts!

There were hundreds at Median Farm, Cross Hands today, on almost any flower which had pollen available, including:

Sedge (Carex nigra?)
Cuckoo Flower
And of course Creeping Buttercup


  1. Thanks George for the good photos and it won`t do anyone any harm to be reminded with seasonal tips of what to look for in the micromoth world, especially with photos and with hints as to on which plants/habitats to look. Thanks too for your comment re campions on my recent blog.

  2. George, that's interesting because apart from the odd one or two on Dandelions here I haven't found any Micropterix on other flowering plants such as Cuckoo Flower and Stitchwort which are abundant hereabouts. I will continue looking, though, now that fine weather breaking out.