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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An Erminopoly

Well, almost, Ermines White and Buff and very little else last night, although I did catch what I think is the Tortrid Epiblema cynosbatella with its yellow labial palps.


  1. I wish I could take `close-ups` of micros like yours, Chris....I must get a decent camera!
    I had that species too on Sunday night, at my home trap. The part-white-winged tortrix moths are well covered and illustrated in `Bird-dropping Tortrix Moths of the British Isles` by Jon Clifton & Jim Wheeler (see Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies webpage). There is also a very good companion book on conifer moths.

  2. I'm no photographer Ian, but my Panasonic TZ10 is simplicity itself on 'intelligent auto' mode, has a good macro (down to 4cm) and good anti-shake, which is important for oldies like me! As to the Tortrix book, I may well invest in it in due course (I have Goater's Pyralid one), but up to now it's been easy to hazard a guess, then post photos and feast off the superior knowledge of others!

  3. Thanks Chris....I`ll ask about your camera at the local techno-store. If I tried to photo micros with my current camera, they`d be tiny - makes them even smaller!

  4. There are a few TZ10s on eBay just now, but I got mine more than 4 years ago and the model has been superseded, no doubt the spec is improved in current ones but not necessarily the ease of use!